Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A Day by the numbers

My day by numbers...
23 the number of times I wished I had more hands
16 the number of hands I wished I had
1 the number of hands I used to pack lunch, make breakfast, and dress four kids this morning (other hand was holding breast feeding baby)
8 number of times I took Scout to the potty for a false alarm this morning alone
2 number of times she peed on the potty for real in one day
5 number of times Scout has changed into a different princess dress
19 number of diapers I changed
2000 number of calories I am trying to eat
4000 number of calories I am eating
1/2 number of seconds I can leave the room without missing Reef
6 number of hours I slept last night (not bad)
5 number of days until I am can do my first "walking" workout
41 number of receipts, bills and other mail waiting on my desk to sort through
2 number of adult conversations I have had in a 24 hour period
4 number of beds I have made
3 number of times I have mopped today
5 number of loads of laundry I have done since last nigh
9 number of band aids and boo boos I have fixed
13 number of times I have read the same Dora princess book to scout
0 number of minutes I have had to watch reality TV
INFINITE- number of times I thank God for this amazing life he has given me

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Reef Promise

So here it is, the official blog about baby numero quatro. Reef Promise Edwards, born on June 29, 2009. (same day as my mom's 60th birthday, I sure did trump my sisters and brother with that gift). Below is the meaning behind her name...
Reef Promise Edwards 5 lb 13 oz 19 inches long looks just like mom and Dash. Delivery was short and sweet 4 hours and 2 pushes!Reef is from our love of the beach and time in the Bahamas. Our family treasures the time we have and will spend together in the Florida sand and in theIslands of the Bahamas. Promise is something we have held onto over the past few years from God. The promise that he is always with us and beside us in all that we do. The promise of eternal life he had given us through his son. A verse we have really hung onto is a promise God gave his people in Jeremiah 29:10-13I will come and do for u all the good things I have promised and I will bring you home again For I know the plans I have for you, they are plans for good and not disaster to give you a future and a hope when you pray I will listen it you look for me in earnest u will find me when u seek me. "
She is a super mellow baby, we call her and Pace the bookends to the 2 crazy ones in the middle!Things are going great, I truly believe with each one they get easier, maybe the Duggars do have something going with 18 and counting...hmmm.. nope, this may be it for the Edwards (for now). Labor was super easy, 5 hours and 2 pushes. My epidural didn't take the first time around so that was the only pitfall, my clawing my way up the ceiling while Trent was quoted as saying " I guess you really weren't faking it last night"...
My parents were a super help taking the other ones off my hands for a few days while I got adjusted and bonded to Reef. It was awesome last night to have our first dinner together as a complete family by ourselves. Thanks for all your prayers and support!!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Scout and Mother Theresa

We (my hubby, my self and another couple) went to the movies last night... saw The Hangover, absolutely, hands down the funniest movie I have ever seen.. more on that later.. we went to Downtown at the Gardens Cobb theatre. It was a great night and the theatre was packed because of Transformers coming out. Anyways, me and my over sized belly waddled into the Ladies room more than once to relieve my pea sized bladder that currently has a watermelon sitting on it... each time I walked out I was speechless. It was as if I kept entering a vortex or some other world I have become oblivious to. The girls, these teenage and preteen age girls all huddled in the bathroom texting, gabbing and smacking bubble gum half dressed. Yes, catch that last adjective, half dressed I say. I mean I wanted to wrap them up in toilet paper and carry them out of there. Shorts that cover less than my underwear, tank tops smaller than my bras and enough cleavage hanging out to rest a book on... I mean c'mon parents, your daughter is no doubtingly turning on every man in the place. They looked like they were ready for some Victoria Secret Runway show... each had a phone in their hand giggling about some boy or some hookup they had... poor Scout, I have spent the entire morning researching how to get her into a convent.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Confessions of a stay at home mom... a pregnant stay at home mom!

I confess...
My kids have watched more than the recommended dose of TV these past few weeks. Probably close to 2 hours on some days...
I have skipped a shower in a 24 hour period more than once in the past 3 weeks.
I have wished I was back in college dreaming about what outfit I was going to wear to my next sorority function
My kids were in their pjs for more than 50% of the day
My kids have been sneaking into our bed randomly for the past few months and I LOVE IT
I convinced myself that Chic Fil A fries are considered a vegetable being from potatoes so that counted as a serving for the day
I allowed the kids to use a dip in the pool as their bath
Our dog licked the table clean the other night after spaghetti and I thanked her for allowing me to skip this step in clean up
Our 2 year old still likes her bottle at night... too tired to break this habit, figure she wont go to college with it
I had a dream last week I posed for Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition right after giving birth and gave Heidi Klum kudos for encouraging me
I take my kids to Publix as early in the am as possible so they can have a doughnut for breakfast while I shop along with some healthy sunny d to wash it down
I love reality TV especially the shows no one will admit they watch!
I get my hair twist inspiration from LC aka Lauren from the hills... you know who she is!!

that feels good to get off my chest... going to go do some penance and fold laundry and cook a healthy meal while teaching my kids Latin, tending the garden, straightening the house and knitting my husband some new socks

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Chirp in the am

It never fails...that chirping, set at about 2 minute intervals will drive you completely crazy. In fact, I think it should be considered the newest in detainee torture chambers..
The chirp, the low on battery power, smoke alarm chirp. You know the one, the one that never goes off in the morning or on Saturday when you are doing around the house repairs. Oh, the chirp that always starts at about 2:12 am when you are in your deepest, most treasured cycle of REM sleep. The one that goes off, you hear it, hope it was not what you think it was, snuggle deeper down in the covers and then 2 minutes later, CHIRP! to me the worst type of nightmare you can think of... because then, you have to wake the hubby, get out the ladder, check every alarm because they don't have any type of light signal but an annoying CHIRP that sounds like it could come from any of the FIVE we have in our house!! CHIRP! Exhausted, hubby disconnects the carbon monoxide alarm which then set off the house alarm and woke everyone in the house up... mom lulls them back to sleep, mom convinces hubby to just rip them down and throw them into the abyss of our garage until the next am.. sleep again at 3 am!
I am FIRED up about this...can you tell...

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I have a dilemma...
My daughter is obsessed with a movie that does not sit well in my gut. Here is the basic story line. Girl is sixteen, father is the king. She constantly breaks her father's trust by going outside the kingdom's boundaries to explore. He reprimands her, she fights back and does it again. One day on one of her adventures, she sees a boy that she is taken aback by... falls in love so to speak. Her father is furious, she runs away to be with him. Remember she is only sixteen. She seeks the advice of a witch and makes a deal with her to be with this boy she has fallen in love with against her father's wishes. In the end, her father concedes, gives in, and she runs off into the sunset with this man...
sounds crazy that a two year old would love this movie huh?
well before you get all judgemental on me let me tell you the name of it... Little Mermaid, heard of it? Problem is it is a Disney Princess that she is totally obsessed with... as I thought about taking the movie away, I realized almost every other Disney princess movie has some underlying theme of disobedience to their parents...I mean doesn't Jasmine jump off her balcony in the middle of the night to ride around town in her boyfriend's car (magic carpet) all night? ... aaahh... we love Disney... can't they make a movie that just follows the rules? maybe we should stick with bambi.. but there are no princesses in that one

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Feeding 7 on 20

Tonight we fed our three kids, us and my niece and nephew dinner, with a water view and had dessert for just 20.00! Cool huh? Best part was that the kids were totally wiped out when we got home and went straight to bed, there was no waiting for a table while the immigrants from the Northeast sat over their .25 happy hour coffee and we didn't have to keep the kids quiet while every couple happy with their 1.9 children looked at us in disbelief for bringing another child into this world... here's how

Monday and Tuesday nights Sals offers 6.99 large cheese pizza (pick up and cash only) so 2 pizzas cost us 14.00. Grabbed those along with a cooler stocked with a thermos of water and Gatorade and some cokes, paper plates and off to the beach we went. We arrived at 5:15, kids played in the water with boogie boards, dug castles, and ran around like maniacs then crashed in the sand with their pizza in hand. Back into the water to wash off, no dishes to clean up or hands to wipe down :)
After running on the beach like little mad men, we headed to the golden arches where you can get a hot fudge sundae for .99 so 6 of them were 6.00! (I didn't get one since I knew Scout would be done with hers once the hot fudge was done). So yes we fed, entertained and treated our kids to ice cream along with our niece and nephew for 20.00! Top that in today's economic crisis!!!